SEO for martial Arts Schools

Martial arts SEO requires knowledge of your discipline and the ability to honor its history. Unlike other SEO agencies, we have a breadth of knowledge of many different styles and can develop a strategy to get you into the search results. Focus on your martial arts academy while we battle the digital competition.

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Below are some of our areas of core competency that we use to give our clients a Search Engine Optimization advantage over the competition

Local SEO

Local SEO is important for dojo owners who want to stand out amongst other schools in the area. Practicing makes most sense when you're not competing nationally. For example, a karate school in Miami, FL doesn't need to rank for "karate in Cleveland, OH." Our tactics can help you rank for your style and city to increase the chances of getting prospective students to your website. To boot, there are better chances of searches seeing your location in relation to their own, reading real reviews, and seeing images of your school.

Benefits of Local SEO

Content Optimization (On-page SEO)

Quality and engaging content is the backbone of any website. Not only do we have a black belt in content creation, but it also has to have strong on-page SEO to rank well in search engines for competitive keywords. This one of the areas where we know we’re better at than our competitors. We have a team of SEO experts with a deep understanding of on-page SEO who are also passionate about martial arts. If you want us to write content for your website, we can produce content in your voice that is going to rank well.

Technical SEO

We love nothing more than going deep into the “tech stuff” on the backend of a website to ensure it’s performing at 100%. Our team will improve your site’s load speed, ensure your sitemaps are uploaded and easy to crawl, perform a technical audit to highlight any potential issues, and more. Leave the SEO nerd stuff to us, you just enjoy the results.

Link Building

Backlinks are one of the most important SEO ranking factors, and typically one of the hardest pieces of the puzzle. When another site links to yours, Google (and other search engines) see this as a vote of confidence that you’re an authority. We have a number of strategies for attracting quality links from other relevant sites in the martial arts niche. For example, broken link building, guest post outreach, social media, forming relationships with other webmasters, and most importantly by creating awesome content other sites want to link to.

User Experience

The glue that holds all of these SEO best practices together is a smooth and flawless user experience. We want every visitor that lands on your site to enjoy their time there, find everything they’re looking for with ease, and to return and recommend you to their peers. We do this by ensuring you have a responsive mobile-ready theme, clear navigation, and strong branding.