Our Content has the Your are searching for!

We know how to create website copy that engages with the reader and ranks well in search engines. And that’s what your website needs.

We understand that content marketing starts with the user; whether your goal is to get them to share the article, sign up for your service, buy something, or link to you, we can tailor your content to the goal.

What separates our content team from the other SEO agencies out there is that we know martial arts. We will, of course, do some detailed research into you and your business. But we already have a passion for martial arts and online marketing, and that enthusiasm transfers to the user.


Here are some of the areas we focus on when creating content:

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords makes or breaks content. We will come up with a list of keywords you should focus on, then put together a content strategy to target them.

Optimizing Old Content

We will look through your archives and see if we can “lift” the content you already have on your site. Sometimes we find clients have some awesome content, it’s just in need of a little optimization.

Strong On-Page SEO

There are a number of small SEO techniques need to be applied to every piece of content to give it the best chance of ranking well in Google. We have our own on-page blueprint, refined over thousands of articles.

Monitoring Analytics

We don’t just publish content and leave it. We track the progress of key pieces of content, making tweaks if it’s not performing as well as it should.

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