As a dojo owner and a martial artist, you know better than anyone how much of a difference a small competitive edge can make.

This is why we want to educate you and all the other online business owners we work with about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

As we’ll explain in this article, AMP enables mobile pages to have a faster load time. There are numerous benefits to delivering your content faster, so we always advise our clients to consider enabling AMP on their sites.


What Is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It does exactly as it sounds; it accelerates the speed in which mobile pages load.

It does this by creating a mobile-only version of a page in another type of code known as AMP HTML. This is basically a stripped-down, lightweight code that removes anything that isn’t vital to a page to reduce the page’s size.

The smaller a page is in size, the quicker it can be downloaded. The faster it can be downloaded, especially on a mobile device, the better the user experience.

A common misconception is that AMP makes a site “mobile-friendly.” AMP and being mobile-friendly are two different things.

Being mobile-friendly refers to having a responsive site that can load for mobile users just as well as it does on a desktop.

We always make sure our client’s sites are mobile-friendly as it’s absolutely vital for SEO and user experience. Adding AMP is something we do to enable mobile pages to load faster.


Why is AMP important to you as a Dojo owner?

As a dojo owner, a business owner, and as someone relying on a website to drive business, there are two things that have to be important to you;

  • Ranking well in Google’s search result pages and other search engines to increase the visibility of your dojo
  • Delivering the best possible user experience on your website


Using AMP gives you a nudge up on both of these fronts.

In fact, AMP is a Google-backed project that they’ve been pushing since 2015. So, you know there’s an upside from Google’s perspective.

Until recently, news stories being featured in the news section in Google’s search results needed to be AMP.

This was recently lifted as technology is always advancing, as is the power of mobile data, and they’re now other ways to increase page speed.


How AMP Helps With SEO

Google has stated that there isn’t a direct SEO (search engine optimization) benefit given to pages that load with AMP.

There are actually a few reasons why it’s a good thing that they’ve said that publicly;

  • One of which being that many webmasters simply pass over implementing AMP as they think there’s no benefit for them.
  • The other reasons revolving around the fact that studies have shown that AMP pages provide a better user experience. Which indirectly has some positive SEO benefits.


This is the main reason why we like to implement AMP on our client’s sites. It’s one of the many ways we can give you a competitive edge over your competitors that aren’t using AMP.

According to, users spend twice as long on AMP pages than regular pages. On an e-commerce site, that resulted in a 20% increase in sales.

For a martial arts site like yours, that will mean an increase in conversions and engagement. The longer someone is on a page on your site, the more information they are taking in.

That means;

  • More people contacting you when they realize you offer exactly what they’re looking for
  • More students signing up for their first session of that’s what you’re offering
  • More businesses reaching out to you with offers
  • More visitors to your social media websites
  • And more.


With the help of AMP you could see an increase in students at your school!


So, What Are the Downsides?

I know what you’re thinking; I’ve listed a load of benefits to using AMP while stating that many sites don’t use them.

There has to be a catch, right?

The truth is that in the first couple of years after AMP was rolled out there were some issues. As with any new platform, there were compatibility issues with other software.

Luckily for website owners, this has all been ironed out now. There are still some technical hoops to jump through, and it adds an extra layer of work in regards to tracking with Google analytics – but none of this is your concern.

If you want to change your mobile web pages to amp content, we will do everything for you. In a nutshell, the benefits far outweigh any potential downsides, and there’s nothing to lose by trying it out.


Should You Use AMP on Your Site?

This is something we’re happy to discuss with you. There are some nuances that may or may not apply to your site, depending on the theme you’re using and how your site’s been built. We’d need to take a look at your site if you’re not already working with us.

If you’d like to know more about AMP or discuss if it’s the best option for you, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to evaluate your site.