SEO Essential Martial Arts sites

Martial arts marketing is small niche, though the competition is fierce. There are very few businesses that can survive without a strong online presence these days. Martial arts academies are not among them.

If you want more students, the most cost-effective way to drive more business is through search engine optimization (SEO).

Most business owners are aware that they need good SEO to appear high in the search results. But there’s a lot more to it than that, and a lot more benefits to improving your site’s SEO.

Here are some of the most important reasons why SEO is an essential part of martial arts marketing:

Good SEO Means More Organic Traffic

I’ll start with the most obvious one. The better your SEO is, the more traffic you’ll get to your website.

The more traffic your martial arts website receives, the more business you’ll see coming through the doors of your schools.

That’s how essential SEO is.

There’s definitely a fine line to tread regarding how much time and money you put into SEO to see a positive return on your bottom line. But it’s essential to do some ongoing SEO to grow your business online. For example, I’ve owned the domain for over a year, but have only begun to optimize it and add content for a few weeks. Typing in my brand name yields the following results. Granted, it can be easy to rank for you own brand name, but the point is that this is real progress. 

Local Dojo SEo Bran Name Search Results


In just a few short week of using best practices, My website and social channels rank well for my brand name. From here, I can begin to populate these social channels in line with the website, and then begin to focus on long-tail keywords relevant to my niche. 

Good SEO Also Means Good Web Design

The best thing about mastering all aspects of SEO is that it forces site owners to improve on all areas of their website.

Having a great website design user experience is one of the most important aspects. Not only because delivering a good experience for your users will keep them engaged with your site, but it also has an impact on your site’s overall SEO.

Google measures a number of metrics related to how users interact with your site. Plus, having clean and clear navigation, a mobile responsive theme, and fast page loading times will also improve your conversion rate.

It Builds Trust Around Your Brand and Business

Trust factor and brand awareness are crucial to any online business. The online landscape is incredibly competitive, so standing out as a business people can trust is essential.

There are a few ways SEO helps in this aspect;

Local SEO – As a local business with physical premises being noticed by the local community is important.

Local SEO requires a different approach to general SEO. You need to have your business listed with a Google My Business profile to appear in the local search results page when people in your area Google search terms you want to rank for.

Brand Recognition – The more often someone sees your business in the search results, the more comfortable they’ll be trusting you. As well as being more likely to recommend you to others.

More Opportunities – Something often overlooked by businesses is that appearing in more search results also increases your visibility with other businesses.

You are much more likely to form business relationships with suppliers of martial arts equipment and other companies in the space the better your SEO is.

It Helps With All Your Other Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing spans much wider than SEO and there are a number of ways you can attract business online.

For example, social media marketing and pay per click campaigns can be run independently from focusing on SEO. But SEO still needs to be the backbone of your marketing efforts, without a strong online presence all other marketing channels are compromised.

This ties into some of the other points I made. Your site needs to have a great user experience and a strong online presence if you want a high conversion rate with the traffic you’re sending from other sources.

It’s the Most Consistent Form of Web Traffic

It’s not just martial arts businesses that SEO is important for, it’s any online business. SEO traffic is the most consistent and least expensive form of traffic, so it’s essential to focus on your SEO.

I mentioned some other marketing channels earlier, such as social media and pay per click. These channels can send traffic to your site faster than SEO, but it will be costly and short-lived.

If you continuously use SEO best practices, your traffic should only go up in the future, not down.

SEO is a long-term game, it can take months to rank well for important keywords. Which is why there’s never a better time to start than right now.

Do you want to put together an SEO strategy as part of your martial arts marketing initiatives? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.