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Launching an updated website is only the start of building your online brand and growing your business. The real gains are made by keeping your website updated with new content, announcements, and staying on top of the latest SEO trendsHere are 7 reasons why you need an updated website to continually grow your martial arts business online.

1. Keeping Security Up-To-Date

As a website owner, cyber security has to always be at the forefront of your mind. It only takes a tiny hole in your website’s defenses to cause potentially irreparable damage, and almost certainly an expensive bill.

For example, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms to build a website with, and the leading cause of hacking incidents for WordPress sites is out of date plugins.

To keep all your plugins up-to-date you need to routinely update your site and plugins. This’ll ensure they work harmoniously together and keep the risk of being hacked to a minimum.

2. It’s Good for SEO

There are a number of SEO benefits to keeping your website updated.

Producing content on a regular basis has the biggest impact. Simply put, the more content you produce, the more keywords you’ll rank for in the search results.

There is also a “freshness” element to how Google ranks content. As well as the fact that if there are things happening in your industry, you need to be seen to be keeping on top of them.

There’s a real snowball effect in implementing a content strategy. In the long-term, you’ll increase your domain authority and steadily increase the traffic to your site.

3. An Up To Date Site Builds Trust

Have you ever landed on a site that either looks out of date or actually is out of date when you look at their last published article?

It makes you feel like they’re no longer in business or on top of current trends, doesn’t it?

It’s also good for that all-important first impression when someone first lands on your site. The more current your site looks, the more trustworthy it will feel for the visitor. If your site looks anything like the above, visitors are going to bounce immediately. Instead update your site with actual photos of you and your school. Giving your visitors someone to identify with (you and you staff) can build trust and put a face to the name/content. 

me and donald rolling


4. Keeping Ahead of the Competition

The online space is incredibly competitive. You can be sure your competitors are doing everything they can to continually improve their presence online, so you can’t afford to fall behind for something as simple as not updating your site.

As I mentioned in the opening comments, launching a site is only part of the online marketing process. Keeping your site up to date is essential to ensure you continue to see growth.

5. Staying Current With Online Trends

Being ahead of your competition is one thing, keeping up with trends and technology online is another.

The way information is consumed online is always changing. For example, in recent years we’ve seen a shift from desktop to mobile-first indexing. Website design trends are leaning towards being cleaner and less cluttered, and there’s a demand for faster loading sites.

Any sites not riding this wave of change will simply fall behind and see their business suffer as a result.

6. Legal Requirements

Online legislation is constantly changing and evolving. Failure to keep your website up to date and compliant with local and global laws you can land you in some serious trouble.

For example, in recent years we’ve seen the introduction of GDPR and CCPA legislation. As well as changes to how webmasters can handle personal data from your visitors to their sites.

Failure to update your site to demonstrate your compliance in these areas could land you with a fine.

7. Spotting and Fixing Errors

Websites have a habit of breaking from time-to-time. It’s not always someone’s fault. With a number of different languages, operating systems, and third parties to rely on, it’s just unavoidable sometimes.

Or at least, the chance of your site going wrong can be greatly reduced by keeping everything up to date.

You can think of it as similar to maintaining a vehicle. The more regularly you run routine maintenance on a vehicle the less chance there is of it breaking down.

Just as it’s also more likely you’ll spot potential problems and be able to do something about them before they result in downtime.

Something as simple as your contact form not working or some content on your site not loading can cost you new business. Identifying issues early saves money.

In Summary

This article might seem like a daunting list of things to keep on top of that you just don’t have time for.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in not only helping our clients keep their websites up to date but pride ourselves in helping them stay one step ahead of the game.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help with anything from increasing your page load speed on a mobile device, to formulating a long-term digital marketing strategy – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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